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Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the soft tissue within the tooth. When dental trauma occurs, the nerves and tissue inside of the tooth can become affected. When the nerves and tissue of the tooth become diseased or injured, a chronic toothache and other symptoms can occur. An endodontist can save the damaged tooth. An endodontist has had an additional two or more years of training beyond dental school with an emphasis in the workings of the soft tissues of the teeth. Because of this additional training and practice, an endodontist can perform root canals and apicoectomies quickly and efficiently.

Root Canal

One of the most important and common procedures in the field of endodontics is the root canal. A root canal can relieve you from serious toothache and sensitivity and allow you to use your tooth again. During root canal therapy, our endodontist can remove the pulp from the inside of the tooth, clean the tooth out, fill it with a rubbery material, and then seal it with a filling. You can trust our endodontist to perform a root canal that will save your natural tooth and cure you from toothache.

root canal therapy for a toothache West Chest and CincinnatiApicoectomies

Another important procedure in endodontics is an apicoectomy, or a root end surgery. In this surgery, our West Chester endodontist will remove the tooth’s root tip and fill a root end cavity. Like with a root canal, an apicoectomy will alleviate your pains and chronic toothache. Apicoectomies are minimally invasive and show lasting results. Root canals and apicoectomies allow you to avoid extractions and tooth replacements for a shorter and less expensive way to repair the damaged tooth.

Give us a call today to meet with our excellent endodontist in West Chester Ohio. We can administer x-rays to learn more about your needs and then use endodontics to provide you with more comfort and a higher quality of life if you are in the Cincinnati area!

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