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oral surgeon Cincinnati and West ChesterPermanent Solutions with Oral Surgery in West Chester

Oral surgery can give you the best and most lasting results in many cases. When you choose oral surgery, you choose irreversible relief from toothache, headache, sleeplessness, or any other symptoms you are experiencing. You can trust our oral surgeon to give you the results you want from oral surgery. Our oral surgeon in West Chester can treat sleep apnea, TMJ, and more with dental surgery.

Oral Surgery for Sleep Apnea

Because of the sleepless nights, sleep apnea can prevent you and your loved ones from remaining alert and focused during the day. There are other viable sleep apnea treatments, but not all of them will produce stellar results for every patient. Our oral surgeon is qualified to administer upper airway surgery. This dental surgery will create more room through your airway so you do not experience pauses in breathing throughout the night. After this oral surgery, you can begin waking up refreshed and content again.

oral surgery and dental surgery West Chester and CincinnatiDental Surgery for TMJ

If your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is not functioning properly, you can suffer from all kinds of frustrating symptoms like migraines, facial pain, and the locking of your jaw. Dental surgery for TMJ can eliminate the cause of the dysfunction in your joint. Our oral surgeon can find the root of your unique TMJ disorder, and then perform the oral surgery. This type of surgery involves removing scar tissue, repairing the disc, or repositioning the disc. TMJ dental surgery can give you permanent relief from your painful symptoms.

Bone Grafts

Do you have bone damage due to trauma or problem joints? In a bone graft, our oral surgeon will remove bone tissue from one area and transplant it to another area. A bone graft can restore your bone’s full functionality and improve your appearance following tooth loss, tooth extraction, gum disease, or physical trauma.

Are you ready for lasting comfort and relief? Give us a call in West Chester today to schedule an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable Cincinnati oral surgeon.

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