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Endodontics focuses on the inside of your teeth, making sure their pulp remains healthy. In cases of disease or infection, our endodontist determines what dental treatments are necessary to restore your oral health. In any treatment, our endodontist, Dr. Sheenu Goel, and her team will monitor you to ensure that you remain safe and comfortable throughout the procedure. To schedule an appointment, or learn more about our endodontics in West Chester, Ohio, call our office today at 513-682-2345.

Endodontics is the area of dentistry focused on the study and treatment of the dental pulp. The pulp is the innermost layer of the tooth that includes the tooth’s living connective tissue and cells, and it houses the tooth nerves and blood vessels. If this area of the tooth becomes injured or diseased, it often results in serious tooth pain and sensitivity. When infection and damage in the dental pulp go untreated, they can cause the tooth to die, necessitating extraction. The goal of endodontic treatment is to restore the health of the tooth and prevent the need for tooth extraction.

The most common type of endodontic treatment is root canal therapy, which is often simply called a root canal. During root canal therapy, our dentist and team remove the injured and infected tissues from the tooth, thoroughly cleans the tooth, and fills the tooth. The tooth is then capped with a restoration, such as a dental crown, to protect the tooth and restore its structure and appearance.

If root canal therapy is not the right treatment for you, or if infection reoccurs after the tooth has undergone a root canal, our dentist may recommend another endodontic treatment. Other endodontic treatment options include root canal retreatment, apicoectomy, pulpal debridement, and pulpotomy.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about endodontics and the services we provide.