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Osseous Surgery

Osseous surgery is another option for treating the cause of your periodontal symptoms. This procedure helps the bone heal itself and is often paired with other periodontics procedures to quickly stimulate the growth of healthy gum tissue. If you would like to meet with our periodontist at Dental Specialties of West Chester, we invite you to call us at 513-682-2345. Dr. Barry Simms can help guide you learn whether you could benefit from receiving osseous surgery in West Chester, Ohio.

Osseous surgery is a procedure we may recommend to treat periodontal disease. As gum disease progresses, our team strives to reduce the depth of the “pockets” that form between the teeth and the gums. If deep cleanings and other periodontal treatments have not successfully reduced the pocket depth, our dentist may recommend osseous surgery. This procedure is designed to smooth and reshape bone that has been damaged by periodontal disease, as well as create a shallow pocket to make it more difficult for bacteria to survive.

During the osseous surgery procedure, we will numb the area and lift the gum tissue away from the teeth and underlying bone. We then thoroughly clean the root surface and smooth the root and the bone surrounding the root. The surface of the bone may have become uneven due to destruction caused by periodontitis, and smoothing and reshaping the bone creates a better surface for the repair and development of healthy tissue. After cleaning the tooth roots and reshaping the bone, our dentist will trim the gum tissue to match the new underlying structure, and then stitch it in place. In some cases, we may also suggest a bone graft or guided tissue regeneration membrane to supplement the tissue regeneration process.

We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about osseous surgery and how we can help you improve your oral health.