With the latest technology, Dental Specialties of West Chester has you covered!

Our Cincinnati area team is committed to providing you with care that fully meets your dental needs. Our West Chester office is equipped with the type of innovative technology to accomplish this goal.

CEREC dental crowns in CincinnatiCEREC is intended for same day, precisely crafted dental restorations. Using computer assisted technology, ceramic fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns are ready within a single visit. Typical tooth restorations tend to involve two visits, with the first devoted to preparation under local anesthesia. The second appointment, in which the restoration is placed, is not scheduled for a few weeks. With CEREC, the entire process is completed in one day, allowing you to leave our office with your beautiful, strong smile complete.

digital x-ray with a West Chester dentistCone Beam CT is an integral part of our dental implant process. This technology utilizes a cone-shaped x-ray beam to capture images of the jawbone and surrounding bony structures. Not only does the cone beam CT emit up to 10 times less radiation than conventional CT technology, but the cone-shaped x-ray also provides us with volumetric data instead of spliced images.

cavity detection for general dentistry in West ChesterDiagnodent is an innovative diagnostic tool that elevates the level of care that we can provide by allowing us to detect cavities in their smallest form. This tool is based on laser technology, which scans teeth in pulsed light. Detecting a cavity, the Diagnodent interprets data into a digital readout, which shows us the level of decay present.

digital x-ray technology in CincinnatiDigital X-rays are different from standard x-ray imaging; the images are digitally transferred to computers, rather than printed on film. Digital x-rays are not only more precise and convenient, but they expose our patients and staff to less radiation.

dental laser technology with a West Chester dentistLaser technology designed specifically for dental procedures and oral surgical procedures provides a number of benefits, such as:

  • Decreased bleeding due to immediate cauterization of soft tissues. This may also eliminate the need for sutures.
  • Decreased need for anesthesia in some cases.
  • Ability to minimize bacterial infections.
  • Preservation of surrounding tissues.
  • Faster healing.

Laser technology may be used for procedures such as frenectomy, gum contouring, and crown lengthening.

TMJ treatment with a dentist in West Chester OhioJoint Vibration Analysis, or JVA, is a technology that tracks vibration in the temporomandibular joint or jaw as it moves. Accurately capturing sounds such as clicking or popping, the JVA Jaw Tracker helps us gain better insight into jaw impairment. Beneficial in the treatment of TMJ, this tool facilitates the design of a customized appliance for proper jaw positioning and helps us track progress during TMD treatment.

T-scan dental technology in CincinnatiT-Scan computerized occlusal analysis system
We are excited to include technologies such as the T-Scan computerized occlusal analysis system into our state-of-the-art dental practice in West Chester. Until now, the analysis of bite force relied upon specialized paper, pastes, or other pressure indicators, which essentially left a bit of guesswork to the diagnostic process. Our computerized analyzer, which uses disposable sensors, can accurately detect not only bite force, but the timing of contact, as well.

With this powerful diagnostic tool, we are able to reduce the risk of:

  • Fractured or injured teeth
  • Tooth notching
  • Instability in splints
  • Discomfort due to TMJ
  • Gum recession
  • Implant failure
  • Porcelain failure

This technology provides us with the three-dimensional view we need to accurately identify the bite so that we can make immediate adjustments as needed.

Intraoral Cameras allow us to take a more in depth look at each patient's mouth, and to detect potential problems that we normally wouldn't be able to see. With an intraoral camera, you can see exactly what your dentist sees, and gain a better understanding of your current oral health level.

Paperless Charts -- Traditional paper charts can get lost or misfiled. With our paperless charts, your information will always be easy to keep track of and to find quickly. We can pull up your information whenever you need it, and you can look at it with us on a screen in our office. With paperless charts, our patients can take a more active role in their oral health and education.

For more information about our dental technology, give our Cincinnati dentist team a call at our West Chester office!