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The sound of a tooth extraction may make you nervous, but the truth is, a simple tooth extraction at Dental Specialties of West Chester can increase your comfort and improve your smile. Here are some of the situations that make tooth extraction a smart and necessary choice:

Crowded and Crooked Teeth | Many patients have a tooth extraction in order to achieve a straighter and more attractive smile. Extractions can be a necessary preparation for orthodontics so that you can achieve optimal results.

Tooth Cannot Break Through | If your mouth is crowded, you may not have enough room for a new tooth to erupt through the gums. It may be best to extract a tooth to make everything look great and function well.

Tooth Decay | When a tooth becomes deeply decayed to the point that a root canal cannot save the tooth, a tooth extraction is the best way to relieve severe toothache and sensitivity.

Tooth Damage | If the tooth experiences physical trauma and becomes chipped or broken, it may lead to inner tooth damage. Sometimes it is ideal to pull the tooth to promote your comfort and well-being.

Gum Disease | Sometimes gum disease leads to the loosening of teeth. In these instances, to prevent the disease from spreading, it is better to perform an extraction.

tooth extraction for impacted wisdom teeth Cincinnati and West ChesterWisdom Teeth Removal

Why is wisdom teeth removal so common? Most mouths are not large enough to properly accommodate wisdom teeth, which can lead to crooked teeth or bite problems. In these cases, wisdom teeth removal can help a patient feel comfortable and look beautiful. In addition, wisdom teeth removal will resolve any potential issues that impacted wisdom teeth could cause. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that cannot break through the gums because there is not enough room in the mouth for them. Impacted wisdom teeth result in severe pain, inflammation, infection, and damage to the surrounding teeth. Wisdom teeth removal is the best way to keep you safe from the problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth.

Tooth extraction is for your comfort and safety. You can schedule your appointment to learn more at Dental Specialties of West Chester today if you are in the Cincinnati area!

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